About us

ICO-Listing.pro is an independent ICO rating service based on a specially developed algorithm, which we named the “ICO Hit Predictor Machine (IHPM)”.
Our team has been researching ICO and the crypto-currency market since 2015. During this time we’ve collected and analyzed a huge amount of information.
In 2017 we clearly saw that the algorithm developed by us began to show results which are very well correlated with the success or failure of real ICOs. That’s why we launched ICO-Listing.pro
The goal of our project is to give the market and investors the most accurate tool for forecasting and assessing the success of any ICO.

Investing in ICO is a highly profitable but high-risk business. Therefore, the market positively needs mechanisms for evaluating ICO projects, based on technical and mathematical analysis, portfolio theory, risk theory and mathstatics. The usual market laws are not applicable to ICOs due to a number of reasons.

We are a small team of scientific associates, who’s united for the research. In our team we have:
– experts in mathematical analysis
– machine learning experts
– expert on BigData
– expert on the securities market, exchange trading and investment
– programmer (how can we manage without him?)

If you are an expert and think that you can be useful to the project, if you want to work in our team – write to us. We need strong professionals to grow the project. Perhaps we need exactly you!

If you are an investor and you have an offer – write to us. We are ready to consider the prospect of attracting investments for a more rapid development of our project.

If you are an investor and you got a profit thanks to our rating – you can send your gratitude to our wallet: ****. All the received funds are used for further development of the project.



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