Soft Cap: 2300 ETH
Hard Cap: 10300 ETH
Truegame is a blockchain-based iGambling platform intended for all parties involved in the casino industry.
A fully decentralized music sharing platform, running on IPFS and Ethereum. Public Beta live on the Ethereum network.
Soft Cap: 20000 ETH
Hard Cap: 420000 ETH
BANKEX is an organization that unites members of the financial markets in order to build a community and implement the Proof-of-Asset Protocol that enables the community members to profit from the mutual use of assets.
United Traders is an investment and financial company which develops software for trading on the stock exchange.
An acceleration program launched to empower Eastern European frontier technology companies through exposing them to USA market
Soft Cap: 2000 ETH
Hard Cap: 26500 ETH
FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.
Soft Cap: 70000 ETH
Hard Cap: 100000 ETH
Empowering blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world.
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 135,000,000 USD is a platform based on blockchain technology, which will be not a trading and financing platform for more than just crypto assets, it will also offer Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices etc.
Soft Cap: 480,000 USD
Hard Cap: 17,000,000 USD
REMME is building an open source distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of DApps, enabling passwordless authentication for humans and devices.
Hard Cap: 50000000 USD (fiat)
Shping Coin try to connect consumers, brands, retailers and associated organisations to work together.
Hard Cap: 9000 ETH
Experty is a decentralized audio/video-communication platform.
A decentralized marketplace DMarket (DMarket) to turn every virtual item into a real commodity.
Soft Cap: 4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 40,000,000 USD
MyDFS is a daily sports platform that uses the blockchain to connect sports fans around the world.
StopTheFakes is the Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement blockchain service.
Hard Cap: 30000 ETH
Ethearnal is peer-to-peer (P2P) freelance system utilizing blockchain.
UTRUST (UTK) is a payment platform providing a purchase protection mechanism for buyers.
A project proposing to create an energy resources market on the blockchain, with special focus on renewable energy resources
Soft Cap: 4,079,340 USD
Hard Cap: 44,877,600 USD
Taklimakan Network – is a business platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts.
Soft Cap: 3600 ETH
Hard Cap: 36000 ETH
Forty Seven is a project aimed to create a universal bank both for users of cryptocurrencies and adherents of the traditional monetary system.
Hard Cap: 48,000,000 USD
XYO is blockchain’s Proof of Location oracle network.
Soft Cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 18,000,000 USD
The Abyss is a digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the global game community. The Abyss offers a motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well.
Decentralised trust and reputation with built-in payments processing for merchants.
Hard Cap: 35,000,000 USD
MARK.SPACE is an open-source platform for creation of 3D, VR and AR-compatible websites (units) and objects, and for their integration into a single ecosystem. The platform is Blockchain-based and supported by miners.
Hard Cap: 16,000,000 USD
Decentralized gaming PvP platform.